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Desktop application viewer for Mac video tutorials with subtitles released with english and italian GarageBand ’09 subtitles.
Get it here: MacTutorial Viewer 2.1.881

All iLife (iPhoto ’09, iMovie ’09, GarageBand ’09, iDVD ’09, iWeb ’09) and iWork (Pages ’09, Numbers ’09 and Keynote ’09) available with English and Italian and some Japanese subtitles.

Change Log

2.1.881 (2009.11.26)

  • Subtitles
    • Added GarageBand ’09 english subtitles
    • Added Garageband ’09 italian subtitles
  • Viewer
    • Added italian .dmg background localization


All videos are copyright by Apple Inc.; transcriptions, subtitles and translations are volunteer efforts by members of this wiki.