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Human vs. Machine transcription

With last iPad subtitles I've take advantage from YouTube machine transcription. When you upload a video you can download the machine transcription from "Captions and subtitles" menu. This was really helpful as save me most time for transcript and time coding of English audio. Probably you'll see that time code is not perfect and also machine transcript had need a little work around.
For our fun here are some of the orignal Machine transcription vs. Human ones.

Safari Machine Human
0:01:13.830 to see all your book marks just have to put my psychiatrist like the one you want To see all your bookmarks, just tap the bookmarks icon and select the one you want.
Mail Machine Human
00:01:29:14 it's nearly the same size as a novelty for so it's Africa the time It's nearly the same size as a notebook keyboard so it's effortless to type on.
Photos Machine Human
00:00:56:15 using the death penalty tax surface I've had he was completely natural Using the big multi touch surface on iPad feels completely natural,
00:02:05:23 you can in for if voters from the americorps PC united's You can import your photos from your Mac or PC using iTunes
00:02:10:08 you're on an achy I thought of you can also use voters in effect faces and places and if on a Mac you use iPhoto you can also view your photos in Events, Faces and Places.
00:02:27:13 waste of if voters but whose and then crops so you can clearly see who it is Faces is a way to at look your photos by who's in them.
00:02:56:04 a constitution activists one that the in part from your camera or I thought he said he was It comes with two connectors, one that lets you import form camera or iPhone
00:03:03:08 from a nasty car from an SD card
Videos Machine Human
00:00:05:17 he high resolution to labor is your favorite each to movies and TV shows to life they can The high resolution display brings your favorite HD movies and TV shows to life
00:00:39:21 you can browse the chapters in costa rica any of them You can browse the chapters and go straight to any of them,
00:00:51:07 elections double tax in the picture and certainly those who hold sway or just double tap and the picture instantly fill the whole display
00:01:24:19 he'll love watching them on its head you'll love watching them on iPad.
YouTube Machine Human
00:00:08:02 with its large not suggesting you see that I've had to hand in hand With its large multi touch screen You tube on iPad go hand in hand,
00:00:17:14 I've had remembered he wants you Sunday iPad remembers you when you've sing in.
00:00:41:18 we're fighting or flag it.
00:00:52:16 bruce you know I've had other sides watching landscape in the picture is to create jobs Rotate iPad on its side to watch in landscape and the picture instantly adjusts.
00:01:14:13 with an eighty one on it that all of your favorite in rent videos purchased in such With YouTube on iPad, all your favorite internet videos, are just a touch away.
iPod Machine Human
00:00:11:13 had in a bubble device had in a mobile device
00:00:18:17 Just have I thought to get started Just tap iPod to get started
00:00:52:18 covered looks great on the big beautiful wife had display Cover looks great on the big beautiful iPad had display
00:01:05:02 if you hear more songs like the one you're listening to is what religion is realistically If you want hear more songs like the one you're listening to, instantly create a genius playlist
00:01:24:21 so you can take you know security now so you can type a note, check your email
00:01:36:02 he's the bill to speaker using the built-in speaker
00:01:39:14 Clinton has said it had found her used which is why does have problems work and I thought plug in a set of headphones or use Bluetooth wireless headphones, or connect
iTunes Machine Human
00:00:51:21 captain of these and you've got access to thousands of vietnamese that you can buy it Tap movies and you got access to thousands of hits movies you can buy or rent.
00:01:00:11 and she's once the marathon lives and choose one to download from the list
00:01:10:18 nobody said anything on the beautiful screen Movies look amazing on a beautiful screen
iBooks Machine Human
00:00:13:17 the outlook stop opens to a beautiful book shelf The iBooks app opens to a beautiful book shelf
00:00:22:19 nina I've had the so much like reading a paper book Reading on iPad is so much like reading a paper book,
00:00:33:19 but accurate quickly changed the tech stocks tap here to quickly change the text size
00:00:49:18 happy to take the word and I talk shows at the point that it appears in the book you Tap here to type in a word and iBooks shows you everywhere that it appears in the book
00:01:02:15 gingrich's that with installations taxes images kristin shock The gorgeous backlight display show text and images crisp and sharp,
00:01:28:03 the type of store is only a few taxes away the iBooks store is only a few taps away.
00:01:35:11 and this government classic folks where I can anytime day or night and discover new and classic books for your iPad anytime, day or night.
00:02:04:16 at the find of of his life After you find the book you like
Keynote Machine Human
00:00:37:01 You can choose a couple dozen theme You can choose an Apple design theme
00:00:43:00 You can also bring in presentations from Iraq and even from power You can also bring in presentations from your Mac and even from power
00:01:05:00 tension hold us live touch and hold the slide
00:01:06:09 and right into his style then drag into a new spot
00:01:25:11 the only thing space for tents bullets and it is they already include space for text, bullets and images
00:01:29:14 It's hot here and start acting Tap here and start typing
00:01:47:08 and I spoke up to help you ended up and guides pop up to help you alingned up perfectly.
00:02:05:17 he's the slender to CNN and use the slider to zoom in.
00:02:38:10 you still think it's a combination is deadly wrong turn on to this line Use built in to add animation that bring the object onto the slide
00:02:42:07 we're used to house to move jobs next office lott or use build out to move that object off the slide.
00:03:49:01 they just have to advance the air strikes Then just tap to advance through your slide.
00:03:53:03 upload it I would talk to Hamas or anyone upload it to iWork.dom so that anyone
Pages Machine Human
00:00:38:06 When you were a team that had your page clean When you rotate iPad, your page fit the screen
00:00:58:00 And early detection criminalist and then format it for you without interruption work And even detect when you create a list and format it for you without interrupt your work.
00:01:05:14 Phil singer action areas there was a hint seeking to come forward at any time which A built in dictionary is always on hand so you can look up a word at any time
00:01:05:14 Phil singer action areas there was a hint seeking to come forward at any time which A built in dictionary is always on hand so you can look up a word at any time
00:01:13:13 if I know you're talking not theanswer In Pages you find all your documents in Document Manager,
00:01:19:21 put down the road from the web including I worked out calm even in court documents from or downloaded from web included iWork.com even import document from Microsoft Word.
00:01:33:19 so like missiles is that the FDA to look at different parts of the document so lets new style to instantly update the look of different parts of your document
00:01:41:14 he's the tech stocks which assigns use the text options to adjust size
00:01:51:18 You can use the patient advocates attempting to document right away You can use the pages navigator to jump anywhere in your document right away
00:02:03:16 they use the intensely at schools it's simple to set multiple collins the lines the scenes By using the advanced layout tools it's simple to set multiple columns align spacing
00:02:16:02 graphic or the science that cabinets the new tax are not the rats around that rotated graphic or resize it, drag an image and your text automatically wraps around it.
00:02:24:23 you can see that she's telling what they testified and refine the extra space the perfect life And you can even choose how you want the text to flow and refine th extra spave for a perfect look
00:03:08:00 do eads the charge while you were for and affluent into far as key point which lets to you charge while you work or an Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard.
00:03:15:12 or the attacks were protected web site I worked at home or via a password protected web site on iWork.com
00:03:24:22 You can buy Pages from the outside You can by Pages for the App Store
00:03:27:22 With cases that I've had you love being able to read anywhere increase beautiful documents With Pages on iPad you'll love being able to write anywhere and create beautiful documents
Numbers Machine Human
00:00:34:12 You can also import and spreadsheet created with numbers on your back You can also import any spreadsheet created with numbers on your Mac
00:00:38:03 or with Microsoft Excel on a map for peace or with Microsoft Excel on a Mac or PC
00:00:45:06 and that the defense in tax and navigate them using tabs
00:00:52:00 center jail to enter data
00:01:01:24 whether it's dangerous wheter is digits
00:01:22:14 You can of rose in columns here table center additional data our calculations You can of rows and columns to your table to enter additional data our calculations
00:01:40:11 steven curry defense formulas quickly so you can create advanced formulas quickly
00:02:02:24 used a chart options to justify the two vehicles Use the chart options to adjust the fonts, data labels
00:02:36:05 you can send your work the eighteen allele you can send your work via email
00:02:38:15 opponents I worked outcome so and one of them that you see continued upload it to iWork.com so that anyone on a Mac or PC can view it,
00:02:42:06 were easily exported as the numbers of kenya five so you can use it on your computer or easily export it as a Numbers or PDF file so you can use it on your computer.
00:02:48:02 You can buy Numbers from the have story You can buy Numbers from the App Store


All videos are copyright by Apple Inc.; transcriptions, subtitles and translations are volunteer efforts by members of this wiki.