To add captions or subtitles, you'll need to have files with the captions/subtitles in them.
Is a simple subtitle format that is compatible with the formats known as SubViewer (*.SUB) and SubRip (*.SRT).
of text divided into separate caption (or subtitle) segments, in chronological order. Each caption must have three parts:

  1. A timecode
  2. The caption text
  3. A blank line


Miyu Freeware

MovCaptioner $25 single license (15 days trial)

Annotation Transcriber 29€ (The demo is fully functional with video or audio of just a few minutes length). Useful for transcriptions. Go to Apple video page, ctrl+click on the video to "Save as QuickTime movie…" and then import it in Annotation Transcriber.

Annotation Edit 245 € (demo with 15 captions)

Web application is a browser based tool enabling subtitling of videos on the web into and from any language. But I've experienced that keyboard shortcut work only with Firefox, not with Safari or Camino,
You can anyway import videos from YouTube just inserting its url and then starting transcription/subtitling. is another subtitle web applications. Seems good as you can also export and save .srt file. I didn't try it but I think that is good for one or two videos as fine tuning time code is not so easy as using Annotation Transcriber. requires login using your Google account. good web application provided by Google app engine. reference and resources for self captioning.

Easy YouTube caption creator "Think of it like you're playing Guitar Hero. This is 'Captioning Hero'!" Subtitle Horse is an online subtitle/captions editor.

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